All the top UEA slang you need to know

In your first week at UEA, you’re probably going to hear some of these words and be completely confused

Luckily for you, The Tab has your back and we’ve very kindly put together a list of key phrases and what they mean.

BNOC = Big Name On Campus (pron. – bee-knock)

Basically, they're the stuff of legends. From getting kicked out of the LCR to being known for their sick fancy dress, you'll want to know them, you'll want to be them.

LCR = Lower Common Room

UEA's finest, stickiest nightclub. Just don't ever call it the Lower Common Room.

The 5 L's = The 5 places you have to have sex on campus

The 5 L's are the Launderette, Library, LCR, Lecture Theatre and Lake, and when (or if) you complete them, you have to get an L tattooed on your bum. Anybody who says they've completed the launderette is probably lying.

Snakey B = Snakebite

The harmonious mix of half cider, half lager, a dash of blackcurrant – a snakebite is a bargain at £2.50 and a staple of UEA students

Campy K / Camp Kitch = Campus Kitchen

Clearly UEA students are lazy af because we cant be bothered to say the whole name, but Campus Kitchen is your go-to spot for a decent cooked breakfast or a slap up lunch

Cloud Dog – A Dog in the shape of a cloud

Cloud Puppa

Cloud Puppa

This dog became the stuff of myths and legends when its bouncing wispy fluff became a regular down by the lake. It was quickly adopted as the unofficial mascot of UEA and had facebook appreciation groups dedicated to her, a huge mural put up in the Hive and even won BNOC of the year in 2016. Only those blessed by the gods were lucky enough to get a stroke of her majestic fur. Sadly she passed away after health complications, but her memory lives on in the minds of all UEA students and she will forever be in our hearts. BUT GOOD NEWS! There's now a new Cloud Dog to continue to bring joy to our lives.

Blue Bar vs Red Bar = Party bar vs day drinking bar

Blue Bar is perhaps the best of all UEA venues for a night out. Distinguishable by its bright blue decor, blue bar sits next to Red Bar but is its cooler cousin.

Red Bar is your destination for all things day drinking. Shabby red sofas and deteriorating pool tables make this the ultimate student bar, but don't expect to make this your party venue, thats what Blue is for.

Red Bar's recent refurbishment

Red Bar's recent refurbishment

The Hive = The student union where most of the magic happens

The hive is basically the hub of UEA. Its where you'll find the LCR, UNIO coffee shop, the central toilets, the bakery stall on Tuesdays and Thursdays, housing advice centre, vintage clothes fairs and more. Theres always something going on in the hive, so make yourself familiar with it.

T-Payne / E Fry / TEC = Lecture Theatres

As you've probably guessed by now, UEA students can't be bothered to say things properly. As such, lecture theatres Elizabeth Fry, Thomas Payne and The Enterprise Centre are known respectively as T-Payne, E fry and TEC (Pronounced tee-ee-see or tech, whatever tickles your pickle)