Norwich BrewDog Offering a Free Burger with a Pint

Pick up yours this Monday and Tuesday

Maybe it's because its freshers week, maybe because they're doing out of the kindness of their hearts or maybe because they know the best way to entice students is with food but Norwich's local BrewDog are offering students two opportunities to claim a free burger with a pint of their famous Punk IPA. The offer will take place Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th.

The establishment itself.

The establishment itself.

All that is required of you is your university student card as proof that you are indeed a student. With that you are all set to enjoy a free lunch in the heard of Norwich town centre.

If you are a fresher unsure of where BrewDog is in town, don't worry we're here to help with that. Simply head on down to Queen Street and your there. BrewDog have stated the offer is open to all freshers and returning students from local universities so that means UEA and NUA.