UEA is the 13th best university in the UK according to the Good University Guide 2018

And we’re top in the region for student experience

UEA are top 13 in the country, after rising two places from last years rank, revealed by the Times Good University Guide 2018, and we’re still above Essex.

In new tables, seen first by the Tab, UEA are the second best university in East Anglia, behind only Cambridge. Not to mention the fact that we’re top in the region for student experience- brains and the party, you can’t really go wrong.

According to the tables, we are the place to be if you want to get a first- behind the nightlife that’s the second most important reason we’re here. A third of all students are now gaining top honours- a huge increase in the past two years due to UEA throwing around £20 million at the university, employing more staff to decrease the ratio of student per staff. This has increased the number of applicants to the university over the years.

As a school of research, UEAs school of Environmental Science was in the top 30 research institutions worldwide, taking the world by storm.

Alongside high graduate prospects and impressively high completion rates in the region, UEA is moving from strength to strength. We really are the place to be.