Third years give us their best Freshers advice

Listen up freshers, this is your definitive list of the do’s and don’ts for your freshers

You've done all the hard work of getting into uni, so now's your opportunity to blow all of that student loan and give yourself alcohol poisoning within the first few days of being there. Freshers week can be wild, so we asked second and third year UEA students to relive the memories of Fresher's week's past to give you their advice on how to have the best freshers ever.

Katrina, 3rd Year Psychology

"You may as well go crazy in freshers. The rest of the year can be stressful so live in the moment while you can"

George, 3rd Year Politics

"Don't just stick with the student union events on campus, go into the city for After Dark and Cabana Club events to get the real experience. Also, don't get involved with club promoters, they're really annoying and will just spam your facebook 24/7"

Emily Bourne, 3rd Year History and general UEA BNOC

"My boring answer would be to try out as many things as possible, especially societies and sports as they're probably one of the best ways to meet lots of new people. More importantly though, I'd say if for some strange reason you're stuck on how to spend your student loan, snakebites for £2.50 and two VK's for £4 are literally the best investment ever."

Also, Emily is known for her wild fancy dress costumes on socials, so her advice is:

"CARDBOARD IS KEY AND ITS FREE AND YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING YOU WISH" (All the capitals are her own, she really loves fancy dress that much) She also condones raiding through bins for materials, saying "At the back of the shop there are two massive cardboard bins to gain materials". She knows what she's doing, folks.

Matt, 3rd Year Politics

"Shagging your flatmates just makes it awkward for everyone else so please don't"

Kay, 3rd Year Literature and History

"DO NOT go out into town on a Saturday night, the locals talk funny and the LCR is much better anyways"

Make the most of first year.

Make the most of first year.

Tash, 3rd Year Psychology

"Literally join any sport just so you can go to Sportsnight on Wednesdays. Guaranteed the best night out of the week. Also, don't be fake just to get new friends, it will wear off really quickly. Just be yourself and find your ride or die people and ditch fake bitches STRAIGHT AWAY"

Jemima, 3rd Year, Natural Science

"Literally say yes to everything"

EDIT: Jemima would like to clarify that you should do this within reason and try not to die.

Me, 3rd Year Politics and Media

"Don't feel pressured to be best friends with everyone in your freshers flat – the likelihood is that you're not going to like all 12 of them, so don't force yourself to. Join societies and sports and you'll find your true friends instead of those you're forced to be friends with"

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