UEA student writes racist Facebook post calling black people ‘violent’ because he was bored

He’s now being investigated by the uni

A UEA student wrote a racist Facebook post calling the black community 'violent' and 'aggressive', because he was "bored".

Peter Horvath told The Tab Norwich he wrote the post because he was "bored", and that him and friends decided to write "some crap to see people's reactions".

UEA launched an investigation after the post was reported by the Ethnic & Diversity Officer for the African and Caribbean Society (ACS), Quenelle Forbes.

The post, which has since been deleted, expressed UEA student Peter Horvath's view of the black community, declaring "the majority of blacks are violent, aggressive, sexist and most of all racist.

He further stated that "blacks blame whites for all their problems… and whine for equality when they are treated better than whites."

Following the post being reported by fellow UEA student and Ethnic & Diversity Officer for the African and Caribbean Society (ACS), Quenelle Forbes, it was deleted.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Quenelle said she thought it important to tweet about it, because she "didn't want him to get away with deleting what I said."

The Diversity Officer has said the post has made herself and others fearful for their safety come September when returning to UEA.

In her reply, Forbes stated: "Racism is well and truly alive in 2017." In response to the original status, she questioned the student's knowledge on current affairs, adding: "You have generalised a whole community to something they are not.

"Black people do not blame whites for their problems lol, whilst black people hate the treatment they receive from white people they continue to rise above and show racist people like yourself just how great they are and how they do not fit in your racist stereotype. Black people do not promote violence and black people are not treated better than white people."

Quenelle Forbes's full reply

Quenelle Forbes's full reply

The UEA Twitter account replied to Forbes's tweet, emphasising their zero-tolerance towards hate crime and harassment.

Commenting on the issue, Dr Jon Sharp, Director of Student Services said: "We take any incident of this kind extremely seriously and an investigation is already underway. If that investigation determined that our regulations have been broken then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

"UEA has a diverse campus community and all students are expected to treat others with respect, according to our student regulations.

"It would be inappropriate to comment further until the investigation is concluded.

Following backlash, Peter then uploaded an apology to Facebook, detailing his lack of "ill intentions" and realisation the post was "quite racist."

In the post, the Peter apologised by saying that he "did not mean to offend anyone or target certain individuals", and "was blind and uneducated about how much people of the black community go through."

Speaking to The Tab Norwich, Peter said: "I would just like to say I am very sorry to those who got offended and that this issue will hopefully be cleared up soon. My apologies to anyone I offended."