There’s a website that will tell you how MPs have voted in the past


The day has come, election day 2017. Still unsure of how to vote? Luckily, this website could clear up some key issues. The site allows you to see not only how the MP in your own constituency voted, but how all of the MPs have voted during their time in Parliament.

You can search using your postcode to view how your constituency candidate has voted or, alternatively look up a specific person. You can then see a general overview of their voting history, or delve into more specific topics. These include Foreign Policy & Defence, Education, Environmental Issues and Social Issues.

Our Prime Minister…

If you’re undecided, take the time to have a look not only your constituency’s MP but the leaders of the parties. At the end of the day, it’s their key values which will be shining through in policy changes and legislative reform which will affect our lives.

Mr Corbyn…

You can find the website here.