BNOC of the Year 2017: The Final

Time to decide your winner

After four hotly-contested rounds, where over 2000 UEA students voted, we are down to the final four contenders for the prestigious title of Biggest Name on Campus 2017.

Choose your favourite from the four below, and we will announce the results on Thursday afternoon.

Caitlin Maddox, Second Year Psychology 

Caitlin, a well-known member of the women’s rugby team, was the winner of the first round of voting with 42.55% of the vote. One of the reasons given for her original nomination was a particularly unfortunate incident which happened whilst on tour:

She tried to pee in a sink in a club which resulted in pulling the sink off the wall and 32 stitches and 8 holes in one of her arse cheeks, resulting in the nickname Caitlin Buttocks.

Cara Waudby Tolley, First Year English Literature with Creative Writing

Cara shot to fame on the LCR Ticket Exchange Facebook page earlier this month, after her laptop was stolen from her in the library. Hopefully, her success so far in this competition will go some way to fixing that damage – she received 37.87% of the vote in her second round victory. Her original nomination read:

She had her laptop stolen in the library which led to her posting an angry post on the LCR ticket exchange. The post has had nearly 850 likes and has made her famous around campus as the girl from the ticket exchange who had her laptop stolen.

Emily Bourne, Second Year History

Emily, another prominent member of the women’s rugby team, has established a name for herself on campus thanks to her seemingly infinite fancy dress wardrobe. Having won an unstoppable 53.66% of the third round vote, it is clear that her costumes and presence are propelling her towards BNOC status.

One time everyone was going out fancy dressed, Embo didn’t stick to the normal cat or rabbit, no, she went as the Empire State Building.”

Radek ‘The Magician’ Wincza, Second Year Psychology 

Radek, as his nickname alludes, has made a name for himself on campus through his magic tricks, having performed at several SU events. His skills have clearly earned him several plaudits, as he won the fourth round of voting with a cool 37.82%.

Whether it’s Welcome Fest or Exit Ball, Radek the Magician will be there with his magic balls. His card tricks in the LCR make you wonder how many drinks you’ve had. Damn Good or A list, you can find him wandering around the main dance floor with 2 VK’s in his hands.