BNOC of the Year 2017: Round Three

The second most important vote you’ll make this year

You’ve already voted en-masse for your first two rounds of contenders for the title of BNOC of the year, and now it’s time for round three. We’re half-way done now, so vote for your favourites, and the BNOC with the most votes will make it to the final.

Beth Davies, Second Year Politics

What makes them a BNOC?

“Every LCR night she just seems to know everyone, she works at the bar so automatically knows everybody and she’s the new President of the UEA Debating Union.

“Once, she nearly killed a team leader at the bar with the shutters by knocking her over because she was so excited to see her that she ran headfirst into her”.

Andy Pham, Second Year Business

What makes them a BNOC?

“Andy is UEA’s favourite football lad. Not only does every vaguely Asian person on campus get mistaken for him, but he has acquired a group of obsessive fans (or phams) who scream his name whenever they see him.

“If he’s not the biggest name on campus, he’s definitely the most shouted name on campus.”

Hannah McNally, Third Year Film and TV

What makes them a BNOC? 

“Did you know she works for Red Bull? Student Brand Manager of Red Bull on campus – watch RedEx on youtube where she walks into a class to deliver a crate of red bull much to the lecturers surprise, where he then makes her sing in front of like 200 people. Also the President of netball, a rare ‘fit’ ginger and can chat shit for days”

“Upon arriving at a netball social, she found that a secret ‘Hannah McNally’ social had been planned where the entire club were dressed as her, complete with horrible ginger wigs”.

Emily Bourne, Second Year History 

What makes them a BNOC?

“Her presence and her weird fancy dress outfits make her a BNOC.

“One time everyone was going out fancy dressed, Embo didn’t stick to the normal cat or rabbit, no, she went as the Empire State Building.”