BNOC of the year 2017: Round Two

Heres our next set of hopefuls

You’ve seen the first lot, but what about the rest? Enter round two with our next set of hopeful wannabe BNOCs. Get voting for who you think should win this round and appear in the final.

Livewire Dub Club

What makes them a BNOC?

“The Livewire Dub Club are perhaps best known for their radio show every Thursday on Livewire. They also have performed a few DJ sets, in fact their Derby Day DJ set was shut down for being to noisy and crazy”

Cara Waudby Tolley

What makes them a BNOC?

“She had her laptop stolen in the library which led to her posting an angry post on the LCR ticket exchange. The post has had nearly 850 likes and has made her famous around campus as the girl from the ticket exchange who had her laptop stolen”

Neal Mahtani

What makes them a BNOC?

“The fact he can’t step foot in the library, walk down Chancellor’s drive or go within a general 20m radius of the Sportspark without stopping and saying hello to someone and giving them a ladish handshake and a hug as if they are long distant relatives. After a notorious LCR night having thrown up outside the shop mid way through “Big Bad Neal” decided to treat himself to a hotdog. However the poor drunken soul put it in the pocket of his denim jacket and forgot about it”

Freddie Carty

What makes them a BNOC?

“You cannot walk a metre on campus without him knowing someone, is the biggest name in History, and is the History Soc president next year so expecting journeys from the library to Union to take a good half hour”