UEA students stand in solidarity after news of prayer room closure

Students gathered in the square today for a group prayer in support of Muslim students

Students from all over UEA gathered in the square earlier today for a group prayer and guest speakers to show support for Muslim students at UEA, who have found that their prayer room is due to be closed to build a link to the library.

The square was full of prayer mats with Muslim students all praying together. They were surrounded by a wall of students holding handmade signs saying “Save our Space”. This peaceful demonstration was aimed at showing UEA students and staff the enormous presence Muslim students have on campus.

One student, Asha, was very emotional when she spoke to us, crying as she said: “I am so proud of everyone at UEA, the love and support from everyone is just amazing. I think just given the general climate around the world and how Muslims are looked down upon, always seen as oppressed, it’s so nice to have support from literally everyone from every single background. That’s why I’m crying, yes it’s upsetting that the prayer room is closed, but the fact that everyone can some and support shows great solidarity”.

Cecilia Calle Jorda, a second year Society, Culture and Media student was in the square for the whole event: “I think it’s a very important cause and the message of praying in the middle of the square which is basically the centre of the university is extremely important…it’s ridiculous. This wouldn’t have happened if it was any other religion, the fact that Muslims aren’t being represented is just outrageous,” Cecilia said.

The Students’ Union are actively challenging the University on its decision, emphasising the fact that the alternatives being offered are not suitable for the needs of the Muslim community.

If you want to support the cause of the Muslim students you can sign this petition to stop their prayer space being taken away.