Over 60 percent of UEA students plan to vote for Labour next month

Corbynmania has taken hold of UEA

Of the UEA students who participated in The Tab’s snap election poll, 63 percent have stated they will be voting Labour. In contrast to this, 29 percent of students said they will be voting Conservative, with 12 percent supporting the Liberal Democrats.

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The survey was completed by over 150 UEA students, with participants being asked which party they were voting for and their reasons for doing so.

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Out of students who said they would be voting for Labour, the vast majority said that their reasoning was policy, although a significant minority said they thought there was no better option.

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It was a similar story for students who plan on voting for the Conservatives; most were swung by policy, although more than a quarter stated that there was no other appealing option.

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Finally, whilst the Liberal Democrats have notably less support on campus than Labour and the Conservatives, 35% of those who said they will be voting for them cited a lack of better options. Interestingly, not a single student said that their reason for voting Lib Dem was leader Tim Farron.

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With the student vote incredibly important in the Norwich South constituency, local Labour MP Clive Lewis will be able to take some reassurance in knowing the majority of those studying at UEA support him.