VIDEO: Norwich bus driver caught fighting a passenger in the middle of the street

Not quite the same as Joshua vs. Klitschko

In a viral video circulating social media, an apparent X29 Bus driver and a passenger can be seen fighting in the city centre outside an estate agents in Norwich.

The fight took place earlier yesterday and was filmed by a member of the public from inside the estate agent.

In the video, the bus driver can be seen throwing the passenger to the floor with each exchanging punches before other members of public stepped in to attempt to break it up. The passenger can be heard shouting “some bus driver yea”.

We spoke to an eye witness of the fight called Jack, who said: “I walked over the road and must’ve just caught the end of it. I’d be interested to see the video because loads of people were there before me doing nothing but filming from windows.

“I didn’t want to get too involved as all I saw was him straight punch the other dude then walk off towards his bus. Seemed like a bellend but I didn’t want to start chucking an elbow in without knowing the story”.

Jack added: “The young dude was screaming he was disabled as well, and I only got there after seeing some commotion through he bus windows from the other side of the busy road but it looked like the driver was dragging the kid off and throwing him into stuff outside the offices there.”

Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, confirmed a bus driver had been suspended. He said: “We understand on-street video footage of part of the incident has subsequently been posted on social media”

Stagecoach East will launch its own investigation, and help police with their enquiries, he added.