Jo Swo spotted wearing a sombrero

Isn’t that culturally appropriating?

In a shock twist, Jo Swo has been spotted on campus, by eagle-eyed students, sporting a sombrero. The culturally sensitive hat has been a topic of controversy since the Union snatched sombreros from students during Freshers Fair last year.

In a turn of events that launched the careers of the UEA ‘banditos’ and a wave of freedom of speech talks, the original crackdown on sombreros seems to have come full circle. First we had a sombrero themed LCR, then the leprechaun hats that were allowed because only ‘black or minority ethnic’ dress-up is a problem, not Irish culture, and now one of the five faces of the SU has been spotted chilling in one. She must feel like a right (April) fool….

Before you get too worked up, check the date…

University of East Anglia