These are your new full-time officers

The results were announced this Tuesday

This last Tuesday saw the UEA SU elections ending and the result announced, news many people are probably happy to hear as no longer do they have to worry about being harassed in the square by a multitude of officer candidates looking to be elected. The SU election results were announced over Twitter and in Blue Bar on Tuesday evening.

Ben Whittaker, a SU Returning Officers and the Deputy CEO at University West London SU, said: “A massive congratulations to all of the candidates who have achieved a record turnout. I’m particularly pleased to see that the SU’s efforts around Women in Leadership have paid off with four out five of the new full time officers Women.

“Straight after Easter there’s another round of elections for Clubs and Societies and a whole host of new committees. All positions you can do alongside your studies, so I’d encourage every student to think about giving one of the positions a go.”

So just who are our new officers? Well for those out of the loop worry not we have your back. Here at the Tab we reached out to the Union to hear from the winners about how they felt.

India Edwards (Welfare Community & Diversity)

I had some tough competition in my election with some amazing ideas, so I’m thrilled that I topped the poll. The housing situation both on and off campus will be a big priority for me, as well as holding the Vice Chancellor to his promise to invest more in mental health.

I’ll also be rolling out a big expansion to our volunteer and buddying schemes and bringing new life to peer support groups and networks. I will aim to be an officer that all students feel they can engage with and be supported by”

Maddie Colledge, Postgrad Education

At a time when SUs do well to get 10 per cent of PGs voting in elections I’m so pleased that almost 400 postgraduate students took the time to vote, smashing that target.

It’s a difficult time to be an education officer, but in a modern climate where the majority of academic staff suffer on temporary contracts, PhD ATs have dire employment rights, and the marketisation of education means small courses are being cut and education to expand the individual and society destroyed, it can feel grinding, but that doesn’t mean we stop fighting.

Camille Koosyial, Activities and Opportunities

My election was really close, and I almost pulled out, but I’m so glad I didn’t. So many students at UEA depend on our clubs and societies for fun, friendship, or even career opportunities. I’ll be making sure that every student is able to benefit from what goes on and that we make it much easier to get involved and start an activity. #ThisGirlCamCan

Jack Robinson, Campaigns and Democracy

I met loads of students that want an SU that listens to them and acts on the issues they care about, and now I can’t wait to get started in July, giving students real power over what their union campaigns on, making the Union’s priorities in line with student priorities and ensuring that everyone feeling like they have a voice.

Mary Leishman, Undergrad Education

The current officer Theo has done a great job on things like library space and being able to fail a module this year but there’s so much more to do.

Students want to see UEA back at number one for student experience, and to see this happen I will be negotiating facilities for recorded lectures, working with Schools and CareerCentral to provide more first-year employability events, starting conversation with schools and the library to ensure core texts are available online, and sorting out fair policies on groupwork.