Stay calm, but Byron Burger is opening today and the burgers are going to be 25p tomorrow

The 25p burgers are available between 5pm-10pm

You may have already noticed or been told that the amazing Byron is bringing its hamburgers to Norwich, and they’ve opened today!

Priding themselves on delivering the ultimate American dream of burgers and beer (or shakes), Byron are a down-to-Earth company and they just look pretty cool.

Opening in the Chapelfield courtyard opposite other favourites Wagamama, Giraffe and GBK, this is the first Byron to come to Norfolk.

The store is open today, and although visiting on the launch is always fun, it’s the Tuesday that will be worth the wait.

Between 5pm and 10pm, they are offering hamburgers for 25p. 25p!¬†Even Freddo’s cost more than that these days, so if you had any sense, you’d be there.

Byron are also part of the One Feeds Two movement, so for every meal you buy, a school meal is provided to a child in some of the poorest parts of the world, meaning we can do our bit and eat delicious food at the same time.

Embrace the burger!

University of East Anglia