Meet the second half of your potential Elected Officers for next year

Back at it again with the SU candidates

We’re back with the second half of our list giving you the run down on the candidates for full time officer positions. Here we have everyone who replied and is running for the Undergraduate and Welfare, Community and Diversity officer positions.

Aaron Scott-Carter Undergraduate Education Officer

Aaron is running for Undergrad officer. He wants to “fight for more study spaces, working plug sockets, reading lists 28 days before term starts, all essential course books to be available as e-books”.

Samuel Paccia-Folkins Undergraduate Education Officer

Samuel has been the Social Sec and President of the Economics Society and Media Officer for the Surf Club as well a TL in the SU bar. He told us these roles means he knows “what it’s like to juggle multiple commitments while studying and I want everyone to be able to have as great a student experience as me.”

He added finally, “if this means a more inclusive SU, or a more diverse curriculum or even the ever-pressing issue of study space, I want to be the one to take on these problems.”

Adrian Moore Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer

A third year scriptwriting and performance student, Adrian has been a welfare officers for two of UEA’s biggest societies – Drama Soc and Live Music. He is currently a Nightline volunteer and training officers. Adrian told us: “In all my time at UEA, and even before, making sure that the people around me are healthy, happy, and feel part of a larger community has been a huge priority.”

He like to help implement better support for peer support groups, more accessible accommodation and increased communication and feedback for the union.

With 2000 votes we may get a statue of Cloud Dog.

Charlotte Earney Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer

Charlotte is a part time MA student, over the last year she has been involved in lots of different causes such as Reclaim the Night, Free Education and working with Time to Change to lobby for mental health awareness. Charlotte had this to say when we chatted to her; “I love UEA, who doesn’t?, but I think there’s so many things we need to improve. I pledge to lobby the student support service to hire at least three more councillors and two more therapists, as waiting lists for the mental health services are horrendous.”

She wants to see all information on campus translated to the most common languages for international students and also wants the Union to hire an immigration lawyer for students facing deportation. Charlotte plans to push for more cafes and chilled study areas and finally safer and more supportive placements for nursing students.

India Edwards Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer

India has been a Nightline committee member for the last two years and is a Senior Volunteer at AdviceSU. She’s running for Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer because since her time here she “Can see that there are some changes that really need to be made”. India told us; “I want to lobby the University to be a guarantor for students, and hear more from students what kind of campaigns they’d like to see.”

Another incentive to vote includes free LCR nights

Lucy Schofield, Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer

Lucy studies English Literature at UEA, her ultimate goal is to tackle the mental health crisis at it sources and feels that the SU “has been running  a strong campaign to improve the Student Support Services.” She wants to continue to take “a preventative approach, reducing the pressure and problems that make these services necessary.”

Lucy believes that by reducing stress and loneliness on campus and making students feel secure, that students will be happier and healthier. She added: “I’m looking for short-term solutions alongside long-term campaigns. While we campaign for shorter waiting times at the Medical Centre and Student Support Services, and stand against NHS cuts, students need immediate care rather than distant promises.”

If you want your voice heard in the Students’ Union then make sure you vote, even if its just to reopen nominations. If have already voted then this list probably doesn’t apply to you I’m afraid to say.