Clubbers of the Week

You’re back…

Norwich, you have stepped up once again to provide some memorable (and some less) moments in our fine city’s entertainment establishments.

Recently we’ve seen Damn Good’s answer to Propaganda’s Oscars Shindig and a 50 Shades themed night at Mercy’s Playground event among the highlights.

Look out for yourself, share with your friends and make sure you get those poses on for next week’s awards, I’ll accept bribes of any nature for your inclusion…

Photo of the Week

Too much coolness for one picture


Most Fashionable Group of the Week

All 10/10 fashion sense


Coolest Bouncer of the Week



Hottest Clubbers of the Week



Group Hug of the Week



Surprise of the Week



Hi there!


Diehards of the Week

Top marks for being there when no-one else had even started pre’ing


Shitty Ceiling of the Week

The black and white effect really brings out the shit on the Blue Bar ceiling, don’t you think? Shit ceiling, shit music, ‘shit- my housemates are heading downstairs again’.


Chelsea Fan of the Week

You Blues!


Knowing Look of the Week

He knows something the rest of us obviously don’t


Hair of the Week

Lovely barnets


Fancy Dress of the Week

Good effort!


Matching Dress of the Week

I really hope this was planned…


Sharp Dressed Men of the Week



Double suave


Crisp Shirts of the Week



T-Shirts of the Week

Literal flames


Best Dressed Ladies of the Week



Beautiful Girls of the Week

They make everything in the background just seem so dull


Beautiful Boys of the Week

Let’s hear it for the boys


Arty Photo of the Week

It’s all about the angles


Group of the Week

I wish they were my friends


Ruined Photo of the Week

That would have been lovely…


Pointless Photo of the Week

‘Club sells alcohol’ shocker


Moves of the Week

Go for it!


Coat of the Week

You just want to give her £1 for the cloakroom, don’t you?


Smiles of the Week

Look how happy they are!


Mascot of the Week

This little guy photobombed pretty much everyone at Tuesday’s LCR


Weird Outfit of the Week

A onesie and a fluorescent jacket? Ok….


Onesies of the Week

An interesting combination


Bar Staff of the Week

10 points for getting into the theme too


Makeup Disaster of the Week

Think you might have slightly overestimated on the eyeshadow there?


Potential Bands of the Week

I can hear their smooth synthpop as we speak


And the latest indie banger comes from…


Depravity of the Week

She’s putting on a brave face for the camera, bless her, but when they get home she’ll be having serious words with him. What a miscreant.


Colour Co-Ordination of the Week

This guy’s got the right idea


Third Wheel of the Week


Kiss of the Week

She’s proper going for it to be fair to her


Pose of the Week

Say cheese!


Bendy DJ of the Week

Oooooh, you used to do yoga did you? Very good, now go and put us some tunes on, there’s a good man.


Happiest Clubbers of the Week

Too cute


Serious DJ of the Week

He’s trying to concentrate!


Couple of the Week



Clubbers of the Week

There could only be one winner, couldn’t there?

Photo credits: Saturday Club, Damn Good, After Dark – Active, Flaunt, Mercy – Playground, Mantra, Propaganda. 

University of East Anglia