The top five things to look forward to this semester

Fight off the January gloom and deadlines with a wavey Refreshers’ Week

There’s nothing more depressing after a lazy Christmas break and a lit New Years Eve than to come back to Norwich with deadlines and Janaury gloom looming. But don’t worry, this semester has all sorts of things up its sleeve that plan to outdo the last. We’ve compiled our top five things to look forward to and fight off that S.A.D.

Refreshers Ball

The LCR’s Refreshers Ball promises to be a massive night with loads of performers; Professor Green and Charlie Sloth are headlining. As well as the live music, the Union have also promised loads of other things like a photo booth, face and body painting, and street food vans. Obviously, the outdoor silent disco will also be gracing the field outside Nelson Court (which, let’s face it, is the best thing about all UEA balls and is pretty much the only reaosn any of us go). Kick off the semester with a bang and make sure you book on the Union website so you’re not left disappointed.

Take me home to the LCR

Super Bowl Party 

Blue Bar isn’t exactly a second home for many of us who aren’t that into sport, but if there;s one night when we can be seen to cram ourselves in and chug Snakebites with rugby and football lads alike it’s the Super Bowl Party. Hosted by our very own American Football team ‘The Pirates’, the bar will be open until late with drink and food deals. If you’re a fan of NFL, general sport, or even if you haven’t even looked at any sort of playing field since GCSE P.E., the Super Bowl Party is a great opportunity to neck a few beers and pretend to know something about the offside rule (that’s football… right?). Plus, at half time you get to see The Pirates tradition of hurling frozen tomatoes at each other.

The Queen’s Visit

It was recently accounced that the Queen’s visiting UEA next Friday. She’ll be popping over to the Sainsbury Art Centre to see the current exhibition. We hope she’ll make a guest appearance at the LCR along with Prince Philip, but incase she doesn’t make sure you get down to the Art Centre to step up your Snapchat story game with a pic of Queenie.

Your Majesty

UEA Take Me Out

Another big upcoming night is UEA’s very own Take Me Out. Taking place next month on the 11th, six of UEA’s most eligible bachelors will be under the scrutiny of twenty six girls. With a Nando’s date on the table for those who successfully manage to find their other half, it’ll be a great night for all attending. Especially as there will be an afterparty at the LCR.

Derby Day

Last but by no means least, the biggest event of this semester: Derby Day. The most important sporting event of the year, it pits pitiful Essex against the mighty UEA. So far we’ve beaten them four years in a row and this year will definitely be the fifth. Even better, this year it’s taking place at UEA which means that the LCR that night is going to be something else. Keep an eye out for the ticket release as it’s bound to sell out in mere minutes and trust me, desperate individuals on the Facebook exchange  buy tickets for up to £30 when they realise the night before that there’s no way that they’re missing this massive party. Let’s get ready to smash Essex again and then enjoy a party at the LCR.