Motion against Jo Swo is a no-go

The latest in the most recent SU controversy

The motion calling for a vote on whether Jo Swo should resign has reportedly been retracted by the proposers in light of this week’s upcoming Union Council meeting. The Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer faced public disapproval after biting a security guard just over a week ago at the LCR.

Despite the retracted vote of no confidence, the event will still be debated by the Union Council as to decide what repercussions the Officer will face as a result of her actions.  The council will discuss whether to issue a formal statement of severe disapproval regarding Swo’s actions. As of now it is unclear what repercussions Swo will face, however it is highly unlikely that the officer will lose her position now the vote of no confidence has been withdrawn.



Reaching out to the Union for comment, we were told that “the SU as a body doesn’t have a view” on the motion. We also reached out to Swo for a comment now the motion on whether she should resign has be retracted, as of yet we have not received a reply.