Someone’s started a petition to protect the bouncer bitten by Jo Swo

“Bouncers need more than just big meaty arms to protect them”

A second year has started a petition to protect the welfare of event security guards on campus after SU Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer Jo Swo bit a bouncer on Saturday night.

Rob Klim, second year History student, decided to start the petition after he heard the news of the attack.

The petition’s page states: “Due [to] a recent tragic, and potentially traumatising attack, an innocent UEA bouncer was bitten by a UEA representative.

“When it is an officer from the university’s student union who does this, who can these vulnerable souls turn to? Only this petition can at least try to offer protection in the future from such outrageous behaviour.”


When asked whether he believes the petition will actually achieve anything, Rob said: “Bouncers need more than just big meaty arms to protect them. This petition will go to the Student’s Union, and I hope that they reflect upon the student body’s compassionate zero toleration of violence against this, clearly, vulnerable group of people.”


You can sign the petition here.