Union Officer banned from LCR after stealing and biting a security guard

It all happened on Saturday night

Jo Swo, Student Officer for Welfare, Community and Diversity, has been banned from the LCR after what she describes as “unacceptable” behaviour at the most recent A-List Saturday night.

Enjoying a night out with friends, Swo was involved in a number of incidents including minor theft by stealing from behind the bar, biting a security guard, and use of the cloakroom without paying.

An SU Spokesperson told the Tab: “The SU has a robust members’ Code of Conduct, set democratically by the Union’s council and supervised externally which sets out the standards of behaviour expected by all students in Union venues, and the action we will take when the code is breached.

“In this case the officer concerned has been treated as any other member committing these offences on a night out would be treated – which in this case means a suspension from licensed premises- and the expectation is that there will not be a repeat.”

Commenting on her actions, Jo Swo said: “My behaviour on Saturday night was completely unacceptable and I came in the next day to apologise unreservedly to the staff involved that handled the incident.

“It’s crucially important that our code of conduct sets standards that all students including officers have to follow.

“I will obviously abide by any sanction issued under the SU code.”