Norwich ranked eighth most entertaining city in the UK

A fine city indeed

A study of the UK’s top 40 most visited tourist destinations has named Norwich the eighth most entertaining city in the country. The research was conducted by, using criteria counts of cinemas, bars, restaurants, gigs, TripAdvisor things to do and the happiness of the city to determine rankings.

Norwich scored highly due to its various bars and restaurants, including student favourites Gonzo’s and The Mischief. Plus with awesome new places opening all the time, like Five Guys and a shop that only sells cupcakes and champagne, what’s not to like?


Norwich is full of places to get pissed

Oxford took the top spot, with its best score for its theatres. Following Oxford was Inverness in second whilst Brighton/Hove came 10th. Oddly, despite being the biggest city and obvious choice, London was ranked 24th whilst poor old Luton was at the bottom of the list in 40th place. But then again, who even lives in Luton?