All the ways eduroam will disappoint you

It’s almost as if the uni is TRYING to ruin your life

You’d think that with it being 2016 wifi would be reliable and abundant but then again, you use eduroam for all your internet needs and it sucks.

When the uni introduced wifi across campus a couple of years back we thought it was the best thing that had ever happened to student life in Norwich. But, just like the way your parents look at you when you go home for the Christmas break, it’s a massive dissapointment and you’d rather it would just hurry up and leave for good.

We’ve created a list of the top ways it will let you down.

Stopping when you’re trying to find sources

You’ve been working on this essay for a week. Sitting in Unio or the library, whatever floats your boat, you are half way through the essay when Eduroam drops. So much for doing any more work and being productive.

Causing your data to run out on your phone

With eduroam always so unreliable – they say they’ll fix it but come on they say that every week and the connection never gets any stronger – you will inevitably run out of data on your phone and probably be forced to resort to buying that £1.99 100mb bundle from your provider which won’t last nearly as long as they make out.

Again? Thanks Eduroam.

Again? Thanks eduroam

Making you late on that very important summative

You’ve left that lab report or close reading until last minute; probably a bad idea but there’s no going back now. Luckily you’ve finished just before that 3pm deadline and are about to upload it to Blackboard. Only, eduroam has other ideas – namely that it’s decided to stop working and that you won’t be handing your work in on time in light of that mad rush afterall. Bye bye 2:1.

Netflix no longer works

One of the worst things that happens as a result of eduroam not working is that Netflix now no longer works. You thought you’d be safe in the confines of your own room in halls, but no. Netflix and Chill? Not happening. Eating Ice Cream by yourself whilst your watching Netflix? Nope. Guess you’ll have to some reading.


When are we ever connected to eduroam?

Luckily the uni are fixing eduroam. Lets hope it stays fixed this time.