These are the best hidden chill spots on campus

We’ve made a list of some of the best hidden gems that every fresher needs to visit

It’s getting to the point of term where we’re all starting to slowly lose our minds as we’re progressively more and more overwhelmed by our workloads. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best hidden gems around campus that don’t quite get the attention they deserve, and make for excellent hideaways from the stresses and pressures of student life. Make sure to visit these places on campus for the views, or if you just want to chill.

The Chill Out room

We know what you’re thinking, it’s called the chill out room and therefore will of course be great for chilling out. You’d be right. However the room isn’t used nearly as much as it could be, and it’s great for a 20-30 mins nap. You can find it in the upstairs part of the Hive.


Nap time

The Hill

The hill may be a bit windy, but it definitely has the best view on the campus as well as a nice bench to sit and take it all in. I’d recommend popping up to it after an LCR night to see the sun rise over the university.


What a view

Sainsburys Art Centre

Although the uni has probably shown the Sainsburys Centre off to you already, we definitely recommend you visit. The cafe at the far side makes for a great place to study, and you can also have a bit of downtime looking at some great art.


Let’s get cultured

The Music Block courtyard

Despite being in the middle of campus, the Music Block courtyard is sorely underused apart from when music events are on (obviously). It’s a great social space and has a surprising amount of rabbits.


Spot the rabbits

Jetty 38

The lake has plenty of great views but perhaps the best is offered by Jetty 38. More secluded than the rest, it gives a nice quiet retreat to enjoy the sun and everything else the lake has to offer. So whether you want to just sit around, have a drink or read, make sure you go.