Earlham Hall besieged by vandals

Monday night saw UEA’s law building stoned and vandalised by a group of youths

It didn’t seem things could get much worse after a string of Clown attacks on UEA students, it just has. Police were called to Earlham Hall, UEA’s law building, on Monday night after reports rocks being thrown at the buildings windows. A group of youths were seen running from the scene.

The attack terrified students from UEA Law Society who were in the building as part of the mooting competition. The Tab spoke to one student there to explain what happened: “Basically we were judging a moot and for about five minutes we had gravel thrown at the windows and then suddenly there was a rock came through the window and shattered all the glass”.

“So we all left the room and shut the door and we could hear all the rocks get thrown the window. About a few minutes later security came and we were let in again and more windows were broken and glass everywhere”.


One of the broken windows, bottom left.

The student who spoke to us also explained that at the time they “were one of the only few people in the building and I don’t think there was any staff at all”. Perhaps more worrying she stated that the member of security who came to the scene told them that “To be careful because people are going round campus threatening people with spanners and then stealing from them”.

Police later confirmed that four windows had been smashed and fortunately those involved in the vandalism were caught.