Four Livewire shows have been nominated for national awards

We’re on our way to becoming one of the best student radio stations in the country

Livewire has come back bigger and better this year. Its massive rebranding overhaul has been met with a great response from students, with a new website and merchandise as well as a new day time schedule, specialist and factual shows.

Now it seems all the hard work has paid off, with four different Livewire shows beating hundreds of other shows across and country to be shortlisted for nationally recognised awards at the Student Radio Awards.

The four UEA nominations include shortlisting for the Best Female, Best Entertainment Show, Best Journalistic Programme, and the Best Student Radio Chart Show. Recent graduate, Issy Panayis, was shortlisted for three of the four above awards.

Best of luck to our nominees!

Best of luck to Livewire at the awards

We spoke to Tom Little and Tom Rees from the Tom V Tom Show to find out how they felt about being nominated for an award. Tom Little said: “I still don’t really believe it to be honest. It’s crazy to think that our strange little radio show is being recognised on a national level.

“Who knew that dying Tom’s hair green, making him eat cheese and onion flavoured crickets, and putting our unsuspecting hands into unrelenting mystery boxes would get so much attention?”

Tom Rees added: “He made me eat those crickets right before heading off to last year’s awards so I had a nasty taste in my mouth.

“Hopefully this year we’ll come away with the sweet taste of success – though whatever happens we’re already really proud of what we’ve done.

“It just feels absurd that we’re apparently one of the most entertaining shows in the country – but we’ll take it!”

The winners of the Student Radio Awards will be announced on November 10th at the Student Radio Conference.

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