A second year retells the night they were harassed by a group of clowns

‘They were all laughing, and the one in the mask was shouting’

It seems the ‘killer’ clowns terrorising UEA haven’t finished having their fun yet. There have already been two separate incidents involving clowns reported so far on campus, firstly four days ago and more recently in the past couple of days.

Now, again, we can report another sighting. A second year history student, who also wishes to remain anonymous, was the victim of this most recent incident. Speaking to The Tab Norwich, she said: “I opened my front door and I heard voices behind the hedge.

“They must have heard the door shut so knew I was there and ran round the hedge at me onto my drive, there was a group of guys but only one in a mask.

“They were all laughing and the one in the mask was shouting”


A Clown sighting in Belfast.

The second year continued: “I screamed and shouted at them and tried to get back into my house.

“The one in the mask stayed on my drive while I shouted and didn’t go until I’d got back into my house”.

Although this is the most recently reported case, we were told by the student involved that the incident took place as far back as last Saturday, which makes it the earliest sighting in Norwich.

We asked her if she’d contact the police regarding the scare, but stated she had not, adding: “First I was just too scared to even think of doing that, I didn’t think it was worth their time”.

On asking what advice she’d give other students with Halloween coming up, she said: “The police need to make it clear that what they are doing isn’t okay and especially for the Halloween weekend.

“There needs to be a police presence to deter those who think it’s okay. I would also say for people going out try not to walk home alone.”