UEA’s union issues patronising ‘Pimp My Barrow’ costume guidelines

Just in case we didn’t know ‘blacking up’ was offensive already

In a condescending email sent to all Pimp My Barrow teams, the union has issued guidelines on acceptable costumes. 

The email is formed in handy questions you can “ask yourself and your friends” and reconsider costumes that might be “making fun of real people”.

The costumes include anything that may be considered sexist or transphobic. The union also kindly advises students not to “black up” or do “yellow face” – just in case we didn’t know that was offensive already.

Cultural appropriation?

The union also warns us avoid costumes that include the words “traditional”, “ethnic”, “cultural” or “authentic”.

In the email, the union states “Each team can choose a theme for themselves and their barrow.

“However, we ask that all teams are mindful of who is around them, how cultures differ from your own and how what you say and do could belittle someone’s culture or heritage. We also ask that you are also considerate of not offending others in regards to sexism or transphobia.”

Now strictly BANNED

The guidelines have been issued to all teams for the last two years. However, after the controversial banning of sombreros earlier this year they now seem particularly redundant.

The university also came under fire merely weeks ago for putting an end to hat tossing in graduation photographs, for health and safety fears.

The union are yet to comment on whether or not teams will be removed from Pimp My Barrow if they choose to ignore the guidelines. In the past, teams have been allowed to partake whilst wearing sombreros and ponchos.