Cabana Club to hold a #GRADUGATE themed party at Mercy

And there’ll be a few sombreros too

Prince of Wales’ favourite Mercy will host a #GRADUGATE themed club night next Friday.

The event, run by Cabana Club, will celebrate UEA’s five minutes of fame after the university sensationally banned graduates having group photos taken throwing their hats in the air.

The night will also be reminiscing on another UEA hat related disaster, #sombrerogate, by giving out free sombreros and mortarboards.

As exams come to an end, the night will give us all a chance to start summer with a bang.


And don’t worry you’ll be allowed to throw your hats as high as you like.

Cabana Club told The Tab, “We’re very excited for our #Gradugate event at Cabana Club.

“Since the whole fiasco with the Sombrero’s and now potentially chucking of the Mortarboard’s at UEA we thought it would be a great opportunity for the students to have a night out in honour of their hat restrictions, with the “anything goes” hat attitude on the night.

“We’ve had a great interest in the event with loads of exams finishing that week, a lot of students have got behind the event. We will be giving out hats throughout the night for free”

Find out more about the event and get your name on the guestlist here.