UEA releases ‘pass agg’ statement on Gradugate

They just ‘don’t think doing it in groups of 250 students is sensible’

UEA has released an official statement on ‘Gradugate’ this afternoon.

In a post titled UEA statement on mortar boards, it reads: “UEA has not introduced a policy banning the throwing of mortarboards – we have simply asked our photography supplier not to encourage it during large group sessions.”

They added: “We have taken this step because in each of the last two years students have suffered facial injuries. Last year a student needed treatment in A&E.

“If individuals or small groups want to throw their mortarboards they can but we don’t think doing it in groups of around 250 students is sensible.”

It is unclear as to whom “we” are, nor is it stated what will happen if students do throw their mortarboards, which many will still be hoping to do.

Second year, Bobbie, says: “Their statement comes across a bit pass agg, to be honest. They’ve done a complete one-eighty on their original policy, which is probably due to the extensive media coverage.”

The statement likely comes after The Tab broke stories of the “[un]sensible” ban just yesterday, which various national newspapers like The Times and The Guardian have since picked up and offered comment on.