Piers Morgan calls for UEA students to revolt against #gradugate mortarboard-throw ban

At least it isn’t Katie Hopkins supporting us

This morning, as I was laying on my the sofa in my PJS at just gone 7am, I spoke to Piers Morgan about “gradugate”.

Yesterday I broke the story on UEA banning graduating students throwing their mortar boards in their air, and the belief that people must pay an extra £8 for a photoshopped version, instead.

While speaking to me alongside his co-host Susanna Reid, the Good Morning Britain presenter said he is fully behind UEA students wanting to revolt against the decision.


Piers said: “Why don’t you students rise up and just refuse to accept this? Take on the riduculous ‘elf and safety imbeciles.”

I responded by stating that I planned to, whilst Piers nodded his head in agreement.

Susanne Reid asked: “In the email to you, did it say what would happen if you did defy the ban?”


I mean they spelt my name incorrectly but sure

I said that the email “said no such thing”, and Piers seemed intrigued.

He continued: “Alice, you have the full force of the Good Morning Britain sofa behind you.”

The emphatic words from the former Britain’s Got Talent judge may have inspired the petition by a current student, which hopes to revoke the ban.

Piers left me with a motivational speech that could have been said by Caesar: “Rise up, defy them all.”

After my interview, Piers continued to vent his frustration at the decision throughout today’s episode, and has since retweeted various Twitter accounts supporting students’ anger.

rsz_573c85b5d7ed5Could it really be that Piers Morgan is the hero UEA’s been waiting for?