Law finalists instructed to ‘mime’ throwing their hats in graduation photo

Apparently it’s ‘safer’ as well as ‘great fun’


Law students set to graduate this year have been asked to mime throwing their hats in photos instead of actually throwing them, as circulated in an email yesterday morning. 

The email was sent to all third and fourth year Law students regarding the graduation process, which will take place on 21st July.

An attachment from the company Penguin Photograph offered a long paragraph on the “fun” picture.

It was requested that everyone: “mime the throwing of their hats in the air and we will then Photoshop them in above the group before printing”.

Students, then, will be paying an extra £8 for a photoshopped version of themselves miming what most look forward to as the most exciting moment of their graduations.

The request then goes on to state how the University of Warwick’s graduation photos were taken in a similar way before being photoshopped.

Current Law Society President, Louisa Baldwin, said: “If I’ve paid £45 to hire a bit of cloth and card for the day I should be able to chuck my hat in the air! It’s nothing worse than the weekly ritual of dodging VKs as they’re lobbed across the LCR dance floor.”

Another third year Law student, Alex Dairo, said: “I suppose there will be no law suits for me to deal with if no ones getting hit in the eye with their hats.”

The body of the email made no reference to such changes:

It is unclear whether the mimicked photograph will be implemented by all schools, or just by Law.

The university’s Press Office has been contacted for comment.