A guy has been taking pictures in the LCR – and he’s not the club photographer

How am I meant to tag myself now?

The photographer, named as Alex Cooper, has been caught out taking photos of people and posing as the official LCR photographer.

Clubbers first realised the photographer was less than legit after their snaps failed to turn up on the A-List Facebook page.

Third year Ryan Wilson was one of the victims of the photographer.

He explained the events: “My friend George beckoned him over because he was taking photos of everyone else. He even showed us the photo after so he seemed like a legit photographer. I’m surprised he managed to get in there and no one blinked an eye.”

The fraudster photographer, who has been described as having a “man bun” has been warned against taking photos as an unofficial photographer in the LCR by the Union.

Fake photographer caught in the act

Worst of all, the phantom photographer didn’t even upload the photos to Facebook.

A Union spokesperson said: “Alex Cooper is a freelance photographer who touts for official work by turning up to Venues.

“He was admitted to the LCR as a guest of a student.

“We have reminded him of our policies about who can or cannot claim to be an official photographer and advised him of the correct way to go about applying for work with UEASU”

But that reassurance won’t do much for the victims who have been left heartbroken and confused by their missing photos.

Ryan said: “I’m just annoyed – he took a really good photo of me and now I don’t know where to get it.”

So many lost profile pictures.