UEA Union to hold SOMBRERO themed LCR night this term

Get your ponchos ready

UEA’s Union announced this morning that it will hold a “sombrero-themed” LCR as one of their Damn Good Tuesday club nights this term. 

In a Tab exclusive, we can reveal that the event has been organised to relieve tensions between students and the Union after their relationship became more tempestuous than ever this year.

The shock U-turn will come as a surprise after the Union sensationally banned sombreros being handed out by local Tex-Mex restaurant Pedro’s from a Freshers’ Fair back in September.

A spokesman confirmed the rumour this morning and said that it was “about time sombrero-gate was laid to rest”.


The themed night is set to go on sale on Monday 4th April, and tickets will be the usual Damn Good price. The event will end at 2am, and while the spokesperson would not confirm the date the LCR night will take place on, they did confirm that it would “blow all other Damn Good nights out the park.”

The Union spokesperson continued: “In no way is this meant to be treated as a form of cultural appropriation, and neither is it meant to offend anybody at all. The evening should be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of culture, and sombreros will be provided for those who want to wear them. It’s an unbelievable opportunity.”

It was also confirmed that Mexican food such as fajitas and tacos will be on sale in the run up to event and a Mariachi band will feature during the evening to play traditional music for partygoers. There will also be Mexican cocktails served by bar staff and tequila shots will be on offer.

Tequila at the ready

Tequila at the ready

The spokeperson added: “You spoke and we listened. We are bringing sombreros back for one night only so you definitely don’t want to miss out.”

Typical Mexican attire includes sombreros, ponchos, and serapes, but dressing up isn’t mandatory for Damn Good nights and is optional wear for all, so you can still wear your usual LCR shorts and tank top combo.

One third year English Literature student said: “It’s about time the Union actually did something good humoured for once. The whole sombrero-gate fiasco was policy keeping gone too far and I’m glad to see the Union lighten up and poke a bit of fun at themselves.”

Watch this space for further details.