Livewire have released a Jailbreak mash up and it is CLASSIC

One of them dresses as Freddie Mercury and it’s amazing

Livewire’s Jailbreak 2016 weekend is well under way and they’ve just released a celebratory music video mash up which is the best thing ever. 

The video, a compilation of Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock, High School Musical’s Breaking Free, and Queen’s I Want to Break Free, features the Livewire team dancing and miming along in full costumes.

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Uploaded onto YouTube with the title ‘Jailbreaking Free’, the video begins with Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, and features second year Marketing and Management student Freddie Wells clicking his fingers and sliding down poles to the rhythmic slur of Presley’s voice.


The video pans out before zooming into an auditorium where UEA’s own Troy and Gabriella sing Breaking Free, and, get this – they’ve even got Kelsi on piano.


Gabriella is played by final year English and Creative Writing student Issy Panayis, alongside Harry Radcliffe, a second year English and Creative Writing student.

The connection between the pair is evident as they give Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens a real run for their money against a classic starry backdrop.

Finally, the most brilliant part of the video comes with Livewire’s rendition of Queen’s I Want to Break Free.


Freddie Mercury is played by Tom Cooke, a second year Media Studies student, and he’s the real star of the show.

Making direct eye contact with the camera in his tight pink pants, Tom’s performance will leave you feeling both intrigued and uncomfortable as he swings his hips from side to side.


The video is part of the team’s fundraising event to raise £15,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. They’ve currently raised over £6,200 as a combination of a dance-a-thon, a 10 mile run round the lake, and, of course, the Jailbreak teams travelling as far away from campus as they can.

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To donate to Jailbreak 2016, click here