House parties will always be better than clubbing

They’re messy and yet so, so good

It’s time to realise that house parties are better than any night clubbing, ever.

It’s 11pm, you’re standing there in your mate’s house, drink in hand whilst music blares out from some cheap iPod dock hooked up to some equally cheap speakers. This is the classic house party – an institution of youth and your young years.

house party

Yet now we seem so content just going to clubs, paying firstly to get in (unless you arrive ridiculously early or are a girl) and then paying hiked up prices for drinks. Most of the time it’s the same playlist every week and that awful DJ who not only tries to remix songs, terribly may I add, but also desperately shouts to get the crowd going by getting you to all crouch down to jump when the drop happens.

Even worse is the dilemma of whether or not you should take a jacket and pay to use the cloakroom or keep it on and submit yourself to what will probably be quite a sweaty night. If you don’t wear one at all then prepare to pretty much freeze as you wait for your taxi.


Beer pong celebrations

We need a revival of the house party. It’s so much cheaper to head down to the local shop, grab a crate and go and party than to have to pre, pay for taxis, and sober up in the queue. The house party is the pinnacle of a “good night out”, compared to a shit one in a club.

People always bring their own drink so you’re guaranteed to have a great time, and you can even swipe a bit of their Sourz when they’re not looking. You can change the song easily and blast whatever tune you want and there’s no worries about where to put your jacket, nor any additional cost for it either. Plus, you don’t have to worry about turning up too late to have a bouncer refuse you entry – everyone always loves that person who arrives during the party’s dry spell with more alcohol.

If you get bored of dancing or trying to, you can go and play a drinking game: beer pong, ring of fire, bullshit – you name it, you can play it. Even better is the fact you haven’t got to worry about people you don’t like, it’s just you and friends.

There’s no waiting for half an hour at the bar to get served, but just head on up to the table and there’s plenty of mixer and spare booze to keep you going. Maybe you’re a bit hungry, in which case feel free to rumma through the fridge or cupboard to tuck into some cocktail sausages or Doritos.


Ring of fire shall always have a place in my heart

Sure, they get messy, things may or may not get broken, your neighbours will likely despise you for a while and there’s the chance you may see blue flashing lights before the end of the night, but we wouldn’t have it another way. You can even have a cheeky nap upstairs in a bedroom if you’re feeling too wasted, and wake up refreshed and keen to carry on the night. There’s no official end time either, so you can get absolutely hammered and still make it to your 9am if you want to.

Everyone has that one house party they will always remember, and it’s guaranteed to be better than any night in a club.