The results are in: Who is UEA’s favourite Union Officer?

You voted in your hundreds – here are the results

It’s been a few weeks since we asked you to vote for your favourite SU Officer – now it’s time for the results.

5th: Chris Jarvis, minus 287 votes


Campaigns and Democracy Officer Chris narrowly came in last place with 298 likes, while he had a whooping amount of dislikes – 585 in total. This equals an abysmal -287. Ouch.

4th: Yinbo Yu, minus 278 votes

Activities and Opportunities Officer Yinbo came in fourth with 300 likes. Still, he lost them all with the large number of 578 dislikes, totalling at -278. Again, not very good.

3rd: Connor Rand, minus 223 votes


Undergraduate Education Officer Connor managed to come in at third with 329 likes. He did, though, get 552 dislikes. So not quite a win either. All in all, -223.

2nd: Liam McCafferty, minus 192 votes


Scoring slightly higher was Postgraduate Education Officer Liam with 344 likes but he’s still in the minus zone with 536 dislikes. An average score, given the previous ones,  of -192.

This all of course means that your winner is:

First: Jo Swo, minus 4 votes


Either love her or hate her, Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer Jo Swo topped the table with 438 likes and just dipped under with 442 dislikes. Overall, she scored -4.

So there you have it, UEA’s favourite full time Officer is none other than Jo Swo. Although we can’t decide whether this is a win for any of them, given they all scored in the minus numbers.