Pigeon flies into UEA student’s house, lays egg and leaves

Yes, you read that correctly

A bewildered student is claiming that a pigeon lay an egg in her house. 

The student, who uploaded a photo to YikYak, posted: “So a pigeon flew into our house and laid an egg?”

Instantly, the post was flooded with responses from concerned students and has received around 50 replies.

How eggciting

How eggciting

The picture shows a small white egg in the middle of what looks like a dining room underneath an open window – where presumably the bird flew in.

One user responded with a subtle: “I guess breakfast is settled,” yet this seemed to distress the original poster.

She replied saying: “I’m on my period so this is making me really emotional. What if the pigeon wants her baby?”


Other users seemed more excited, with one saying: “If it hatches and it sees you first, you’ll be its mama!”

More persistent, though, were the calls to eat it. One person said: “This is why mini omelette is the best option.”

Some replies offered advice and suggested she call the RSPB, but others pointed out that they did not rescue pigeon eggs anymore.

One saddened user said: “If it were any other wild bird it would work, because it’s a pigeon people are slightly reluctant on taking care of those”.


After five hours of updates, the girl replied finally with a simple: “We’ll sort it out in the morning.”

Watch this space.