What happened when we had our predrinks in Campus Kitchen

If only the dinner ladies got involved too

Now Campus Kitchen is open until midnight, it’s the perfect place to have your pres before you hit up the LCR.

Of all the places on campus to hold predrinks, I doubt Campus Kitchen is the first place to spring to mind. However, I tested it out so that you don’t have to – and I would strongly recommend it.

Theoretically, it’s the best place to go – you’ve got home made food, warmth, music, and the luxury of the LCR on your doorstep. All you need is people and the party will happen.

Armed for the night ahead

We started at 10,  the perfect time for pres, getting our food and then taking our seats for the night. We had the radio blast out banger after banger behind us, but we could still talk and have an actually decent conversation (which predrinks in someone’s flat rarely offers).

Though we didn’t try it, the tables are large enough for setting up a game of beer pong, or had we brought cards along we could have played ring of fire. The opportunity for games is there and I’d definitely pick this chilled environment over some guy’s flat you know through a friend of a friend’s cousin.

The probability of that actually being Mountain Dew in that bottle is very slim

Armed with our chosen drinks, we powered through our meals – which acted as a way of ensuring we didn’t get too smashed for the LCR breathalysers – and by close we were ready for a night at the LCR. It was only once I got inside that I realised the largest flaw in our Campus Kitchen plan: eating a full meal a couple of hours before going to a club is never a good idea.

I was starting to feel bloated once I had a couple of cheeky VKs in me and realised I wasn’t going to be able to take in more alcohol – a true disaster for a fresher. After sitting out a couple of songs, I eventually managed to get back out on the dancefloor but I knew I had to take it slow.

This problem is easily overcome however. Had I eaten a proper meal before the Campus Kitchen pres and then only had fries there, I wouldn’t have had this issue and could have got more drunk – problem solved.

There’s even a sofa if you’ve had one too many

Nobody even noticed us drinking because we brought it in discreet bottles, and there was never a queue for the toilets either. The water machines were perfect for if we needed to slow it down, the food service meant we didn’t have to wash up for the night, and if we did get caught, at least we were right next to the bars to carry on drinking.  It wasn’t crowded or stuffy, and nor was it full of BNOC dickheads and rep girls handing out flyers for Mantra.

Go and predrink in the Campus Kitchen. It’s literally pinging.