Concrete publish bizarre article debating if incest should be legal

This is so Norwich

Concrete published an article on their website last week with the title “Why shouldn’t we have a debate on legalising incest?”

The article, written by Thomas Gymer for UEA’s student paper, compares incest to same-sex relationships and inter-race marriages.

He writes: “If the majority of people wanted homosexuality to be illegal, that wouldn’t be a reason to make it so, and it should be the same for incest.”

The story is featured on Concrete's homepage

The story is featured on Concrete’s homepage

Gymer goes on to say, quite confidently: “When the US first legalised inter-race marriages, the majority of people opposed it. That was one instance of the majority being wrong; this is another.”

Yes, Concrete actually published an article which compares people of different races marrying each other with people who want to bang their brothers and sisters.

The author continues by addressing the issue of genetic defects with three “simple” reasons, the latter being “there are other couples, those who themselves suffer from genetic diseases, whose children are at far more risk of developing genetic problems, yet there is no law preventing them from being together”.

The article includes a poll by the Mirror which found that “14% of people would support the legalising of incest; not an especially high proportion, perhaps, but it does show that there are people who care.”

This is his third article

Tagged with “incest”, “laws”, and “petition”, the baffling argument has had no response from readers – yet using his statistic above, if UEA has 17,000 students then 2,380 would support the legalisation of incest. Perhaps those readers are otherwise occupied.

The article ends with: “If incest weren’t taboo, it wouldn’t be illegal.”

If you say so.

Concrete have been contacted for comment.