Union votes to uphold ban on The Sun

74 per cent voted to keep banning it

Union Council has voted to uphold the ban on The Sun and The Daily Star.

The ban, which stops the newspapers from being sold in The Shop or any other Union outlet, was debated in council last night.

Union council voted to maintain the boycott, rather than allowing students to vote on it themselves through a referendum.

The boycott won with 74 per cent of the vote.

No Sun here thanks

The motion to ban the papers claims that selling The Sun and The Daily Star violates Union values.

It reads: “Stocking ‘The Sun and The Daily Star’ is contrary to UUEAS aims of upholding values of equality for all, and of zero tolerance of sexual harassment and sexual assault in conjunction with the currently occurring campaigns.

“Women are unequally represented in the Sun and in the Daily Star with their worth based on their appearance whereas men are reported based on their achievements.”

The Sun and The Daily Star have both been banned on campus since 2013. However, they were back up for debate due to a Union policy which means all decisions over two years old must be debated and voted through council again.

The boycott was originally proposed by Women’s Officer Rachel Knott in 2013.

At the time it won a small majority of 57 per cent.