The UEA Badminton team took a limo to their match yesterday

There were no buses available

The UEA badminton team rolled up to a match yesterday in a limo provided by the Union.

The six men, all part of the BUCS 1st team, were due to play a match in Bedford.

Due to the number of teams playing in BUCS tournaments, the company had run out of their normal buses – so provided a limo for the lucky lads.

badminton limo

Beats a minibus

When they arrived at uni, they were expecting to see a transport bus to take them to their match: what they found, though, was a limousine waiting for them.

Their luck didn’t end there either – they went on to smash their Bedford opponents 8-0.

Despite this win, a member of the team maintained: “The limo was the highlight of the trip.”


You see them rollin’

SU Activities and Opportunities Office Yinbo Yu said: “Our usual transport supplier has had some supply problems recently, but when their solution to this problem was to offer us a limo at no extra cost we jumped at the chance as a way to say thank you to our top of the league Badminton club.

“I can confirm that we did not supply any champagne or caviar.”