Someone uploaded pictures of my toes to a foot fetish website

They’ve only been given a 2.5 star rating

I’ve got webbed toes and someone put pictures of them on a foot fetish website. 

Last year I wrote a story about having webbed toes and living in Norwich, because that in itself is pretty funny.

The Daily Mirror then interviewed me about it which was fairly exciting, and I had people message me on Facebook telling me how interesting it was that my feet resembled those of ducks’.

The response was all positive but quickly died down because, I mean, who really likes hearing about toes?


Me irl

There’s no cool way of saying this, but the other day I Googled my name. Nothing particularly exciting was coming up so I decided to scrawl back through the pages.

On the third page of my Google search, I saw my name written underneath a site name, ‘WikiFeet’. Confused, I clicked the web address and found myself staring at a whole page dedicated to my webbed toes.

Someone had actually taken photos from my story, saved them, and uploaded them onto the site.


They look familiar

The site describes itself as a “collaborative celebrity feet website” – I can confirm I am definitely not a celebrity, and one of the photos isn’t even of me.

The site also says it is “Probably the largest celebrity feet database EVER!”

Quickly, my feelings of vulnerability turned to anger as I noticed my toes had only been rated 2.5 stars out of a possible five.


Are you fucking serious

Despite being viewed 381 times, only seven people have voted on my toes. Just two think they’re “nice”, a further two rated them as “okay”, one said they were “bad”, and the final two very rude people described them as “ugly”.

I never thought I’d be a model, and some might say I’m not, but now I know how Kylie Jenner feels when she doesn’t get a million likes on her Instagram posts.

I’m tempted to edit the entry as well because it says I’m American when I’m not, and it doesn’t even offer the courtesy of providing my shoe size – which is, if anyone cares, a four.

The pictures, uploaded in November 2015, don’t say who sent them in – but top contributors for the site include toejam1 and NaughtyDawg.

I suppose it is quite nice to be ranked as a “Celebrity” when I haven’t even graduated yet – I’m in the same bracket as Ashton Kutcher, who’s also blessed/cursed with webbed toes.

Other celebrities on the site include Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus, so it’s weird that people might have pictures of my toes alongside theirs in their wank banks.



I must admit that I’m a bit pissed off because my feet are only rated as “OK”. Just because I don’t have five clearly separate toes, it doesn’t give people the right to devalue them.

I’ve not told my parents yet that my toes are on a foot fetish website because I don’t want them knowing pervy users are scrawling through pictures of my toes getting off on it, but my housemates think it’s hilarious.

Thanks mate

I suppose all attention is good attention, but quite frankly being on a foot fetish website is really fucking weird.

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