Nominate your friends for UEA’s top 20 singletons

Livewire becomes Lovewire

Don’t let your Valentine’s Netflix and chill actually be just Netflix and chill.

Valentine’s Day can be a lonely affair when you’re sitting alone watching Pretty Woman, stuffing your face in Domino’s pizza whilst your couple-y friends traipse off to Paris.

Make 2016 different, and nominate yourself or your housemate to be one of UEA’s top 20 bachelor(ette)s.


Are you as single as these Livewire presenters?


Livewire is hosting a Valentine’s Day top 20 singles countdown. They want the 10 most tragically single gals and guys respectively to spend a brief part of their lonesome day in the Livewire studios on Sunday 14th February.


The top 20 singletons will introduce the week’s top 20 singles. The show will be aired nationally across all student radio shows and you’ll also get to sit alongside our fave cringey fresher Thomas Rees.


Send us your nominations by 2pm on Sunday 7th February with a brief description of why your suggestion should make the top 20.

Email your nominations to [email protected]