My friends posted a video of me working out topless on PornHub

It was filmed in my parent’s bedroom

First year student George is on PornHub – and he doesn’t even last two minutes. 

The video, which was uploaded by ‘Georgedance’ seven months ago, has 98 views and a 50 per cent “like” rating.

The video, though, isn’t really porn.


18-year-old George, who studies Media and Politics, basically videoed himself doing push ups. After just five he collapses and says: “Fuck, I’m knackered already.”

He then spins onto his back and tries to do sit ups, but clearly in pain, he only manages nine.


George revealed that he videoed himself in June 2015, just after he’d finished his A-Levels.

He said: “It’s a long story that is probably more embarrassing than the video itself, but essentially I put a Facebook status up saying I would do a sit up and press up for every like that I received.

“The people obviously needed proof, so proof was given.”

What he failed to explain though was why he recorded himself wearing nothing but a pair of grey jogging bottoms.

George’s friendship group quickly got wing of his exercise challenge, and naturally decided to uploaded it onto Pornhub.

He said: “The video fell into the wrong hands very quickly, and by the wrong hands I mean my group chat.

“After that it was only a matter of minutes before it was swiftly uploaded to PornHub under the title ‘Asian Workout Fetish’.”


Commenting on the number of views on his video, George added: “I reckon somebody out there accidentally stumbled upon it whilst looking for something a whole lot worse.”

George’s mum doesn’t know her son’s on PornHub yet, and he’s not looking forward to her reaction. Add this to the unsettling fact that the video was even filmed in his parent’s bedroom because “that’s where the only full length mirror in my house is” and she’s in for a real treat.

He said: “My mum stalks my Facebook relentlessly so I’m assuming my family will find out very soon.”

George when he's wearing a top

George when he’s wearing a top

George has managed to improve on his press up and sit up game since June and admits that back then he couldn’t even really do a proper press up.

He added: “I’m still a long way off shedding all of the weight I put on over Christmas so it’ll be a while before Asian Workout Fetish gets its long-awaited sequel.”

Could this be UEA’S first ever porn star? Watch this space.