Third year loses passport at the LCR – and he’s meant to fly to New York on Thursday

He hasn’t even posted a status about it yet

It’s pretty usual to misplace your ID on a mad one in Saturday’s LCR. What’s not so standard though, is to lose your passport four days before you fly to New York. 

For unfortunate third year Environmental Geography and International Development student Jack Quantick, that’s exactly what happened.

The 20-year-old had been celebrating his friend’s 21st birthday by going on a wild one on Saturday, but his evening was doomed for failure from the start.

The man himself

He said: “There was a large-ish group of us and I was unsurprisingly pretty drunk.”

Jack was so intoxicated he’d forgotten to save his A-List entry ticket on his phone beforehand and spent 10 minutes before he’d even made it into the foyer trying to log into his emails and download it.

After fumbling around and failing to find his E-ticket, Jack added: “I don’t think I had the capacity to type at that point.”

Eventually security allowed him entry, but his eventful night didn’t end there.

Jack said: “I’ve always used my passport as ID – I probably should have got a provisional sorted now I realise.

“It’s just so typical that it’s happened this weekend, and I don’t think I’ve lost anything ever before.”

After leaving the LCR at approximately 3.30am, Jack quickly realised his passport was missing.

He explained: “I checked my pockets and bam it wasn’t there. I 100% know that I lost it in the LCR as I showed it to get in and it was gone by the end.”

It wouldn’t be so much of a problem really, if Jack wasn’t meant to be jetting off to New York on Thursday.

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A friend posted an impassioned plea on Facebook

Jack said: “I walked past Thomas Cook in like July last year and saw this long weekend trip in Feb 2016 for about 400 quid (flights and accom) in the window. I booked it there and then.”

Desperately trying to find his passport before he’s meant to fly, Jack explained how he’s phoned every lost property number affiliated with UEA.

He’s also contacted the bar, Union House, and the Security Lodge. His passport, though, is nowhere to be found.

Determined to make it to New York, Jack said: “Apparently, you can get the premium application which means you get a new passport in a day, but the best they can do for replacing lost passports is guarantee 7 days. Obviously that’s not good enough for me.”

Because of this, he’s off to Peterborough’s passport office tomorrow morning.

He said: “I’ve gotta get a train at like half 6 tomorrow morning. I booked it in case it didn’t show up, then I’d go there and just like grovel and beg to see if I could get it in a day.”

Usually, UEA students post on the official LCR Facebook page to say if they’ve handed any lost property in – but so far there have been no posts regarding Jack’s passport.

Jack summarised the events as “so tragic.”

If you have any details on Jack’s missing passport, email us on [email protected]