Meet Aston Martin, the man with the best name in Norwich

He drives a Ford Fiesta

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Meet Aston Martin. He’s 20 years old, and he’s named after James Bond’s car.

Speaking to Mr Martin, he told us of his Bond fantasies, his ideal M, and what it’s really like to be named after the coolest car ever.

Hi Aston. So first things first – is Aston Martin your real name?

Yes. I was born Aston Martin. As for why, well, other than the reference to the car you would have to ask my parents – I had no say in the matter.

Are you a spy?

No. I’m currently on my second year of a Mechanical Engineering HND, which I attend once a week. Other than that I work full-time as an engineering draughting apprentice at a company in Norwich.

Are you as fast as an Aston Martin?

I’m not sure what you’re insinuating, but if it’s what I think it is there’s only one way to find out (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

What car do you drive at the moment?

I drive a burgundy Ford Fiesta Zetec named Francesca, which I love. She used to belong to a family friend who sadly isn’t with us anymore. She’s my first car and I doubt she’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

What’s the best thing about your name? 

I feel like it’s helped me a lot more than it’s hindered me throughout my life so far. When I was born I was front page news so that’s pretty cool, although that did haunt me for a few years. It occasionally gets me free stuff – I’ve gotten a few free drinks after telling people my name, or won some bets after people didn’t believe me.

It could’ve also helped with getting more opportunities that I may not have had a chance at otherwise, just for the fact that a letter or my CV has Aston Martin right at the top. It can also provide a number of jokes and cheesy one-liners that wouldn’t make sense if they came from anyone else.

Do you ever get into any embarrassing situations?

Almost constantly I’ve encountered problems due to my name. Several times I’ve had my ID turned down due to the worker thinking it’s fake due to my name. It’s mainly bouncers and bar staff so I’ve had to get to know a few just to avoid it.

Any sort of situation where I have to give my name without actually being present such as on the phone or an email. I’ve called up a restaurant to book a table only to get the staff put the phone down after I give my name.

Other than those I guess whenever I meet someone for the first time, I usually have to get my ID out just to prove I’m not having them on. These are just small annoyances for the most part though, and as I’m getting older they’re a bit less frequent.

Would you be a better Bond than Daniel Craig?

Who wouldn’t? He’s alright, I just grew up with Pierce Brosnan as Bond so maybe I’m biased and just being nostalgic but I prefer the style of film he presented. Pierce was a spy while Daniel just seems like a particularly sneaky mercenary. If I were Bond I feel like I would be closer to Pierce than Daniel, which I believe is better.

Who would you have as your M?

If I’m going with the M style I grew up with (older English woman) then I would possibly choose Mary Berry – I doubt I would get any sound tactical advice but at least there would be cake. Otherwise I guess I would choose either Karl Pilkington, whom I feel would offer some key advice on how to live my life, discuss flavours of monster munch and tell me this whole spy stuff is bollocks.

Although the most likely candidate would probably be Brian Blessed: no matter what, I doubt you could ignore an order. He could simply shout to jump into gunfire and you wouldn’t have a choice. However he’s also a very smart man who I feel would really help out. If we’re not talking celebrities then probably my dad for the same reasons as Blessed, just minus the amazing voice.

Do you reckon you’ll ever own an Aston Martin?

I do – once I’ve built up several years no claims and seven digits in the bank, or Aston Martin decides to make a generous donation. I mean, I’ve been advertising them for the last 20 years for free so some reimbursement is due.

Which version would you like to own?

As for the model I would probably have to pick the Bulldog. There’s only ever been one manufactured and I have had a chance to see it and since that moment I’ve wanted it. It’s old and shaped like a car a child would draw, but for some reason I love it. Don’t get me wrong, one of the newer models would also be high up on the list – but overall it would be a bulldog.

Lastly, are you cooler than an Aston Martin?

Well I don’t have built in air-con, so I doubt it.