House parties are the best night out in Norwich

The floors are a lot less sticky than the LCR

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It should be a truth universally acknowledged that house parties are better than any club nights ever, even the LCR.

One of the greatest things about living at uni is moving into your new house in second year. The next right of passage is to throw a huge house party.

After all, every UEA student reaches that point in the term when they’re scraping together the pennies – house parties provide a way to have the greatest night imaginable for no more than a tenner.

Buy the cheapest bottle of vodka you can find and you’re sorted – no entry fees or overly-priced drinks. You don’t have to wait outside for nearly an hour like you do to get into Mantra either: just knock on the front door and come on in.


Piss off the neighbours, use your tables as dancefloors and squeeze five people into a single bed when the night’s over. You won’t suddenly be thrown out when the lights come on like at Mojo’s, but will be eased into waking up with the natural morning sunlight.

And, depending on how generous the host is, there’s no kebab money needed – just a fridge full of snacks.

Even if the host is a stinge, take what you can find anyway. Nobody notices when they’re wasted.


There’s also the added bonus of all the alcohol that gets left behind. You don’t have to fight to get to the bar like at the LCR and bat your eyes to get served. You can just be sneaky and help yourself from the kitchen counter.

Alternatively, you can be even more savvy and bring a flask with you. You don’t need to worry about hiding your flask in your undies like at Mercy, because the whole principle of a house party is to bring your own booze.

Another great reason why house parties are better than club nights is having full control of the music. If you’re not ready for those cheesy ’80s classics quite yet, you can just plug your phone into the speakers and become the resident DJ.

Nobody really likes the music at the Waterfront, anyway. We know all you really want is Bieber, and at house parties you can spice it up and blast a bit of Baby or drop the beats with Sorry.

Although meeting new people on a night out is always fun, being mind-numbingly drunk in a house full of your closest friends is simply incredible. Remember too that house parties will probably feature people you haven’t met yet or that hottie you only know to smile at. Beds are at the ready, so you don’t need to worry about completing one of the 5 Ls in the LCR and getting caught.

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Another bonus is having no bitchy bouncers to kick you out at the end of the night or drag you to the toilets if you have one too many. House parties are a judgement-free zone. You won’t be forced to leave the house if you chunder everywhere: you can just ready, aim and fire wherever you please.

There’s also no time to sober up. No annoying gaps between pres and actually getting into the club after having to queue up outside in the cold for ages  just means that most house parties end up even messier than a normal night.

You won’t have to wait for 45 minutes on the phone to ABC when ordering a taxi to the club or going home because if you’re in the golden triangle you can usually just stumble there in a matter of minutes.

Most importantly, the only celebrity guest at a house party will be whoever’s hosting. No more Geordie Shore Z-listers with tragic girls begging for selfies – there’s only one BNOC tonight: you.