The drummer from Slaves dislocated his shoulder at their LCR gig

We’ve all gone too hard in the LCR at some point

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Slaves drummer and lead singer Isaac Holman dislocated his shoulder while playing at the LCR on Wednesday night. 

The punk duo were on a leg of their tour but the gig was stopped short when Isaac had to be taken to hospital.

Both Laurie and Isaac dived into the crowd near the end of their set, and one attendee said: “I was near the front and although Laurie stood on my head, Isaac came off worse.”

Andrew Parkins, American & English Literature student said: “It was packed, someone said that he fell into a speaker, but I’m pretty sure it happened when they were in the crowd”.

They were held in the air by fans for a few minutes, but when back on stage, Laurie told the crowd that Isaac had injured his shoulder and needed to go to hospital.

Anna Wildmore, first year Scriptwriting and Performance student said: “There was a line of bouncers in front of the stage, so I don’t think he was supposed to jump into the crowd.

“He kind of dolphin dived into them and someone must have grabbed his arm and dislocated it.”

She added: “It was near the end, so they probably only had a couple more songs to go.”

This is the second time Slaves have played Norwich, with their first at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the summer – but this time the crowd was rowdier.

Anna said: “The moshpit was intense – there were so many people you could hardly move in there.”

Aidan Nicholas, first year Film & Philosophy student said: “It was most excellent. When they had trouble with the sound, Isaac passed me the mic and we chatted for a bit.”

A picture of Isaac with his arm in a sling was posted on Slaves’ Instagram & Facebook page.

The comment from Slaves’ management said he was “seen by a specialist who confirmed that along with dislocating his shoulder there is serious tissue damage that requires him to rest his arm to avoid permanent damage.”

The band’s gig in Glasgow was subsequently cancelled, but they are looking to reschedule it as soon as possible.