Councillor calls for clubs to be removed from Prince of Wales

But what about our post-night kebabs?

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A Norwich councillor has suggested Norwich nightlife should be moved to an industrial estate on the edge of the city.

The plan is intended to improve issues with Prince of Wales Road.

A meeting will be held on Monday to discuss improving tensions between residents and the late night trade, and will also allow residents to pitch their own ideas.

Prince of Wales Road

Ben Price, city councillor, said: “We could offer some of the types of activities you do on Prince of Wales Road in a space that’s away from residents, that could reduce the impact of anti-social behaviour.”

Ben was elected as a councillor in 2012 and has retained the position ever since. He is also a member of the Norwich Environmental Liason Board.

He added: “I’ve got to see whether or not the council, the police or the public would be open to that.

“I think it could be done. It’s just whether there’s a will to do it.”

Ben stressed that he did not have a specific site in mind for this relocation.

Prince of Wales RoadJoe Clark, a club promoter for popular student nights AfterDark and Cabana, has questioned the proposal. He said: “It’s never going to work.

“People are not going to want to travel that far out of the way, and other businesses like all the takeouts will suffer as a result – unless they plan on moving them too.

“I understand their reasons but it’s just not feasible.”

The meeting on Monday will take place at Jurnets Bar in Wensum Lodge, King Street, from 7pm.